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When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1989, it became necessary for all website owners to make sure that their content is accessible to all including the disabled people of the country. There came a new group of experts known as ADA consultants. According to the ADA Compliance Lawsuit, it is important to hire and provide sources of income to employees with disabilities. It became necessary for website owners to make sure that people with disabilities had the same access to their content or digital space just as the other common men. Website building is one of the most significant strategies for marketing. So, it is important to hire an ADA Consultant who can provide for all the required services.

We, at, the Gibbens & Associates, look forward to ensure that you succeed in making your website absolutely meet the ADA standards under both state and federal laws. It is specifically for those who are looking forward to hire a ADA Consultant in Los Angeles, that we have years of experience in providing satisfactory services to our clients as ADA consultants and making their websites absolutely free from legal liabilities under both the state and federal government.

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