A few tips on writing a thesis summary {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}
  • Group the paragraphs that focus primarily on your chosen topic of the thesis. Also, list down the supporting points. Break the content into sections and then outline each one of them.

  • Write one or two sentences for each paragraph.

  • Compose a sentence for the introduction and conclusion part.

  • Look for the topic sentences that can guide you.

  • Write a paragraph that can help you get started with a summary. Following which will be the sentences that summarize each section of your thesis.

  • Proofread and rearrange the paragraph and the sentences to make the text concise and clear.

  • Eliminate any repeaters and relative points to maintain a flow in summary.

  • The final summary should include the supporting points in a coherent and unified way.

These tips can also realte to other paper types, such as custom capstone project, dissertation chapter, review, etc.

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