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Tahitian Dance is a beautiful art that keeps spreading around the world. The number of individuals enjoying this activity both as leisure and work out is significantly increasing. This is due to the many health benefits and entertainment aspect that this dance can provide.

There are various types of Tahitian dance, including Aparima, Pa'o' a, Hivinau, and so forth. While each has its own rules and steps, their common thing is that they provide the same benefits to people. If you're curious about what these are, read the following paragraphs.

Boost your mind

By doing Tahitian dance regularly, it can help boost your memory. Memorising the steps is only part of the dance, as you can also learn the meanings of the movement while studying the dance, as well as the stories, myths and legends behind it.

Introduce a new culture

Tahitian dancing develops cultural awareness and respect, especially for foreigners trying this art dance. It will teach you how to speak on the native language and help you understand the lyrics of the songs and chants into dance.

Improve balance and coordination

Tahitian dance can reduce the risk of falling incidents. This is especially important for those people who are in the older age range as they can improve their balance.

Techniques taught in Tahitian dance classes increase body awareness and encourage low-impact landings. These are not only useful for dancers on stage to perform gracefully, but even for athletes who play impact sports, children developing motor skills, and adults concerned about injuries.

Serves as a mental escape

All people need to take a mental break every now and then. Tahitian dancing can offer the escape your brain needs. It's a good counter-activity to being stuck on a screen and being home. Not unlike a runner's high, the rhythmic movement has been shown to trigger the release of endorphins, which can boost your mood.

As much of a mental exercise as a physical one, Tahitian dancing keeps the mind sharp. It can help improve cognitive flexibility as you age, known to decline even in high-functioning older adult based on a 2011 study.

Maintains and improves motor skills

With plenty of different movements and directions involved, Tahitian dance helps keep you focused. It will heighten your mental functioning and builds control and coordination.

Improves endurance and stamina levels

The more you do Tahitian dance, the more you can acquire the focus and resilience to keep moving for longer and overcome any hurdles. You can use this on your every day, so these are something worth practising.

Increases aerobic fitness

Tahitian dancing aids your circulation and respiration by getting your heart rate up and encouraging you to focus on your breathing. This will then result in a healthier heart and lungs.

Reverse the ageing process

Tahitian dancing gives you the appropriate cardio your heart needs. It helps boost your blood circulation and enhance respiration. It also strengthens your muscles and bones while keeping your joints flexible. And all this combined is what gives you the dancer's glow! With Tahitian dancing, you can have fun and not worry about ageing.

It's inclusive

Among the good things about Tahitian dance is that everyone can join. If you can move, even if it's only your upper body, then you can dance. This equaliser is what makes dance so popular with people who typically shy away from other forms of exercise.

Can be a social activity

While you may prefer to bust a move when no one is watching, there's something incredible about dancing with others. When you join the Tahitian dancing class with friends, or your kids or grandkids, being around other people while dancing is good for your social and emotional health.

It's feel-good and fun

Ultimately, Tahitian dancing is simply a way to have some fun. It invites you to move your body freely and to connect again with yourself.

Given all that benefits Tahitian dance can bring to you, don't you think it's worth trying? Remember that this dance can give you more than just make your hips sway left to right, but it can also be your main source of exercise. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: you can have an entertaining time with dancing while keeping your body fit and healthy. So seek the best instructor, and work your way through this dance until you've mastered it. By doing so, you can have a truly beneficial experience with this.

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