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Brakes are one of the essential parts of your car when safety is the concern. To continue reliable and safe driving, you must pay attention to the indications your car gives you when it's suffering from any problem or if there's an underlying issue. Recognizing potential issues before they turn into major ones is the key to cost-effective car maintenance. Along with this, it is also necessary to get your brakes inspected regularly to ensure optimal functioning of the braking system. If you ever notice any of the following eight signs of brake problems, contact your local repair shop for a complete service of brake repair Kidderminster.

Top Indications of Trouble in the Braking System


It's vital that you feel and listen to any of these changes in your brakes - it will surely save your repairing cost in the future and ensure your safety. 


Squealing Noises from the Brakes: If your car's brakes screech or squeal when you apply them, it's the first indication that you need to visit an authorized garage for getting your brakes fixed. Such noises occur when the brake pads wear out; if not paid enough attention, this problem will worsen, leading to severe damage to the braking system and increasing the risk of collision.


It was swerving when Braking - When the car drifts to one side when the pressure is applied on the brakes, it indicates a problem in the brake fluid hoses, caliper, or brake pads. It is recommended to head over to the garage as soon as this symptom is discovered to avoid any potential accident. 


Vibration when Braking - Vibration, shuddering, shaking or pulsing when the brakes are applied is a sure-shot sign of a faulty drum or rotor, and they need to get replaced or resurfaced. Vibration can occur due to other reasons as well, such as wheel balancing or suspension problems. Check with the professional to get a clear idea about the situation. 


Brake Warning Light: One of the most prominent and straightforward signs to understand that the car brake needs our attention is the illuminated ABS light. This sign indicates that there could be a problem with the speed sensor, or a leak in the brake or the brake pedals needs to be replaced. Whatever be the reason for it - if the brake warning light turns on, contact the professionals and get it properly diagnosed.


Spongy Brake Pedals: When you press the brake pedal, you may experience that it takes a more considerable distance for your brakes to respond to your action. It means that your brakes have become soft and spongy, referring to worn-out brakes; this is a grave matter. To fix the problem, the technicians will have to replenish the brake fluid. 


A Burning Smell While Applying Brakes: If you notice a burning smell when you apply brakes, it could be a sign of overheated brakes. It's better to pull over and stop the car as soon as possible to identify the potential cause of the problem. If done otherwise, your brake fluid can boil up, leading to brake failure. 


Brake Fluid Leak: It is essential to drive with the right amount of brake fluid for optimal function of the brakes. If there's a leak in the brake fluid, it will accumulate near the tyre or below the master brake cylinder, which can cause brakes to stop functioning altogether.


Grinding Noises while Stopping: This is one of the most common indications of a brake problem; it means the brake pads have worn away. The sound would be similar to the sound of metal grinding on metal; if you hear so - head over to an auto service center


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