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How to connect Fortnite accounts

You don't need to link any other accounts if you play only on Android or PC. Fortnite is no longer available for iOS users due to ongoing legal disputes between Epic Games and Apple. The game may return in the near future but Apple owners are unable to use the linking feature until then. You're just a few steps away from playing on any other device.

Go to Epic Games' website and sign up or create an account. This account will be used for all Fortnite versions. You should add two-factor authentication to your account before doing anything else. Pop-ups will need to be disabled for Fortnite, in order to link your accounts properly.

After you have signed in, visit your account page. Look for the tab that says "Connected Accounts". You'll be able to connect accounts for Twitch and Twitch, Xbox, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Switch from this page. Choose any of these options and confirm your choice when asked if you wish to continue to an external site or provide more information.

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