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Strips of little light emitting diodes (LED) should go anywhere offering good illumination. These strips are specially useful in kitchens and adjacent eating areas. The low voltage LED strips are energy efficient, lightweight and each tiny bulb works independently. They may be super bright or very subtle. LED strips also work with dimmers.

LED strips can be purchased in white and softer yellow tones. A distant color change controller can be acquired with tens and thousands of different color tones that can be set and easily changed with the white lights.

LED strips are also available in colors for holiday decorations. The strips can work indoors or outside since cold weather is not a problem for them.

Kitchen usage of the LED strips include:

Under cabinets and shelves

Inside of pantries and cupboards

Under islands

Across the ceiling line around kitchen and eating area

Under cabinets

The LED strips can be attached under hanging cabinets and cupboards or above them. This provides your kitchen a soft glow in the evening. Overhead lights do not need to be on. People entering your kitchen through the night can easily see where they are going with no bright lights.

The lights can be attached just above a floor below the low cabinets so that soft light illuminates the floor. It will help in locating small items that will have fallen to the floor. In addition, it helps in sweeping the area.

The lights can be placed on top of a cabinet or on the wall above them. The cabinets could have open shelves without doors. The excess top lights may help to find items on high shelves.

Pantries and cupboards

Place strips of light in a pantry and connect the strip to the light switch. When you have a walk-in pantry, the strips will illuminate all the shelves rendering it easier to get items at the rear of a shelf.

The flexible strips can be placed vertically along with horizontally on the wall of a pantry as needed. The strips may also focus on the ceiling and give light to items placed at the rear of a shelf. The strips can be placed above or below any shelf to assist in locating stored items.

The LED strips are very efficient in a pantry, hutch or cupboard with glass doors. The subtle lights illuminate attractive dishes, glassware and other pieces behind the doors. The decorating possibilities are endless whenever a remote color changer is used.

Under islands

LED lights placed directly under island or serving counters offer an attractive glow without glaring bright lights. It shows the counter or island to its best advantage, especially if it is useful for meals.

LED lights under an island or pass-though counter may also help illuminate storage cabinets under the counter's overhanging edge.

Dining area

led strip mounted on the wall just below the ceiling in a eating area adjacent your kitchen give out a simple glow. The lights can be regulated with a dimmer switch or color changer for a romantic atmosphere. This really is an energy saving method to illuminate the dining area.

The LED strips can be found in spools and they can be cut to the specified length. The strips can be attached with peel and stick backing or they can be inserted into a metal tube that attaches to a wall or cabinet. The controls are connected and the lights plug into any socket. Special socket connectors and controls are available for lights placed in different locations.

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