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What is a Wiki?

Wiki is a Content Management system where people can collaborate. This is a powerful source of information gathering and knowledge sharing.

Wiki’ s are collaborative by nature and they can facilitate community building within an organization or course.

• Wiki : Pros and cons for using a Wiki in a company?

Wiki has some pros and cons. As a Content Management System (CMS) it helps to organize the content. It makes easy the content creation process for the provider . Wiki usually facilitates the format for the writer allowing the person to quickly and easily provide and create content. Also, what makes wiki an amazing tool is the content collaboration piece because puts together the best information from a group of people making it the best resource. Moreover, the fact that wiki is in the internet it makes easy to people collaborate from anywhere and keep the content save in the cloud. I think this is a way to easily provide instructions to employees, keep them updated, bring the team together, and save company time training to new employees.

On the other hand, one of the cons is that some people might need some training before using the tool or if there is no internet connection the wiki cant be update. Also, there is a short learning curve and the wiki hosting services cost money.


  • Business wikis often become repositories for an organization’s unstated knowledge, which otherwise might not be stored anywhere.

  • Business wikis can encourage informal learning and sharing tips with other users, which can reduce the need for formal training or continuous IT support.

  • Facilitating collaboration and communication between people in networks and enhancing knowledge building, sharing and searching.


  • Anyone can edit so this may be too open for some applications, for example confidential documentation. However it is possible to regulate user access.

  • Since wiki is a web based document it could be susceptible to hackers.

  • Since the wiki is web based, if you can’t get to the web, you can’t access the wiki, and therefore, you can’t access the work.

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