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Body Transformation / Training Realm





(1) Strength


In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, half of its citizens have no martial talent to speak of and weren't suited to walk the road of martial arts. As for the other half, at least eighty percent of them have a first grade martial talent. Even if these

people were to practice martial arts,

they would not be able to reach

anywhere. One in ten of the remaining

people have a ninety per cent chance

of having second grade martial talent. If

these people were to be diligent in their

practice of martial arts, they would have

a chance to accomplish something in

life. However, becoming a master of the

martial arts would be near hopeless for


Lin Ming’s third grade martial talent

could be considered as a high-class

existence. If one were to be boastful,

one could claim that he is the cream of

the crop. However, even with his

martial talent, it would still be difficult for

him to enter the Seven Profound

Martial House.

Combat Prowess: 2nd Stage

Body Training

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