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This page is for text responses. I asked a bunch of people I know and thanks to everyone who answered.

Response from Kevin Cox (tcg player) - Draft. Skill, when being honed through tests and premeditation, is different than applied knowledge. Standard Provides you with tested deck lists down to the card and play directions, so while skill is required to fine tune a deck to hold advantage over others (typically also always explored already unless you play outside the meta, which requires much more skill as well as a balanced game), MORE skill is required to be able to create an adaptive strategy based on card pulls and available resources.

Response from Randy Ambrow (tcg player) - I believe that standard takes more skill. In draft formats I never seem to get cards that work well together and lose to players that got better pulls. When I use my own deck I am able to outplay my opponents and claim victory based on an even playing field.

Response from Rob Ambrow (former pro and father of Randy) - I believe that draft takes more skill. When you get to dump hundreds of dollars into a deck that has all the best cards you are going to beat Joe Shmoe who is using a started deck he just bought for twenty bucks, but in draft everybody is given the same materials and it is how you use them that really counts in that format.

Response from Lenny (Smash Bros Player (in the cyber lounge)) - I don’t play card games, but in Smash Bros if both players are equal in skill and pick their characters the matchup will decide the winner. If a pro player picks random against a noob it doesn’t matter the pro is winning. So to me I think that standard requires more skill because it seems there is too much luck involved with sealed packs of cards to even get the chance to use skill.

Response from Nick Carter (self proclaimed Semi Pro at everything he does) - Standard is pay to win while draft is random and takes actual knowledge to understand what cards to pick to fit what you are playing.

Response from Jackson Budwell (Newcomer to the TCG world) - I never played draft before so I would have to say standard takes more skill. A lot of the really good players at the card shop don’t like draft because they say it involves too much luck. So if luck is that heavily involved I don’t think it can be that skillful.

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