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Webroot offers you 30 days of time limit to renew your subscriptions once they expired, within this period of 30 days it will continue to protect your device. It will start protecting your device once after the renewal of your subscription plan. Webroot provides complete solutions related to internet security and antivirus protection to your device. Installation of Webroot Safe endpoint protection is quick and easy. This software protects your device from various cyber crimes by diagnosing your device all the time. It protects you from harmful viruses, spam emails with some features. Let’s learn about some unique features of Webroot or you can simply visit to download it. 

Why should you renew your subscription?

From fast deployment to great spam virus protection, Webroot is highly recommendable to use on your computer as Antivirus & Security software. Let’s have an idea of some important features of Webroot Safe endpoint protection.

  1. Highly Useful

  2. Offers Identity and Privacy Shields

  3. Comes with Anti-Phishing Technology

  4. Protects your device even in offline mode

  5. Provides Multi-Environment Support

  6. Offers Infrared Defense

  7. Comes with Outbound Firewall

  8. It also supports Android & iOS mobile devices

Note: All these above benefits are comprised of the subscription plan of Webroot Safe software. So if you want to continue to protect your device with all the above unique features then you will have to renew the Webroot subscription plan. Let’s see how you will have to renew your Webroot Safe endpoint protection plans.  

Steps to renew your Webroot subscription plan

When your subscription expires you will be prompted to renew it. All you need to do is click on the message to start the renewal process, or you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Webroot Safe Program

  2. Click on the button “My Account”

  3. Your Keycode will be shown on the display

  4. Fill in your Keycode and click on the “Submit” button

  5. Now choose your plan and make payment to get started again


Webroot gives a 1 month of the period to their subscriber so that they can renew their plan and thus it keeps protecting your device even if don’t renew your plan for one month but after that, you will need to renew your plan. You can easily renew your subscription plan by following the above steps. If further, you have any query you can visit the official website.

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