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The current era all depends on digital communication as we love to communicate with each other digitally. The mail plays an important role in the personal as well as in the professional field. Sometimes that kind of situation arises when our mail stops working and the whole document will get on hold. So, the following methods are given for fixing the Juno mail not working error issue.

Step to fixing:

  • Open Browser, and go to the Juno website

  • Enter your login credentials properly and tap sign in

  • Click on “Setting”

  • Then go to “POP” mail

  • Choose the option “ON-Pop my mail to my desktop/smartphone”

  • Next, go to the “Settings” option to your device

In iPhone 

  • Type Email address properly

  • Then, fix name of Income Mail Server as POP(110) and Outgoing as (587)

  • In the account, name enter the email address

  • Lastly, turn off SSL for the emails of incoming and outgoing.

In Android 

  • Go to a mail account, click on POP/IMAP

  • Type email ID and Password, press the “Next” tab

  • Keep POP server as, server port 995 next go to SSL

  • Go to save settings

  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars>>Add account>>Other>>Add Mail Account

  • Fill the required information>>Next>>Juno

  • Next, change Hostname as>>Advanced>> enter 110>>Back

  • Go to SMTP>>Primary Server>>Enter 587 in Server Port>>Done

  • Open mail>>Juno>>You can check your emails.

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