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Technology offers various kinds of benefits to people nowadays. Aside from convenience, new technological products such as the smart switch and other smart devices also offer the promise of safety, security, and eco-friendly living. The use of these devices allows you to take control of your home systems as well as optimise your day to day processes at home.

If you’re curious about how you can customise your house into a smart home but aren’t quite sure about which devices you need to make this possible, be sure to go through the following list of the top smart home items to acquire for your home this 2020.


Smart plug

There may be instances when you might have forgotten to check whether you’ve turned off all of your appliances at home. Aside from safety concerns, leaving your appliances on or even plugged in even when not in use can add up to your electricity costs. That said, save money on your electric bill by remotely controlling your outlet's power using a smart plug. This allows a Wi-Fi connection with four sockets, which can be controlled individually. You can set timers, turn it off and on, and so forth. This is safe and convenient, taking the hassle of having to stand up and turn all of your appliances off one by one.

Smart door lock

Smart door locks are easy to install and are battery operated. This enables you to lock and unlock your door, both online and offline, pretty much how a smart switch regulates your appliances at home. You can access it by fingerprint, magnetic card, code, keys, and application. You can share access to this with your family members for convenience. Additionally, this can notify and provide you with history logs with whoever accessed it.

Another thing you’ll love about smart door locks is the fact that they are waterproof and dustproof. That said, you won't have to worry about it getting exposed outside on external conditions. Most importantly, you'll be able to install this smart home electronic over your current lock while still keeping your original keys.

Smart remote control

The best thing about smart remote controls is their feature that enables you to control your home wherever you may be at any given time. Turn off the air or power on the lights using this touchscreen remote regardless of where you are in the home. You can connect and access them through a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to use voice command from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well. What's more, you won't need cabling as it is very easy to set up. These are things that you need to consider when choosing the best smart light switch for Google Home.

Smart door lock

With smart door locks, you won’t ever want to go back to using physical keys. Using Bluetooth and the paired app, you'll be able to lock and unlock as well as monitor the state of your front door at any given time. It's also great for giving someone temporary access to your home without them having or needing a key.

Smart switch

One good way to achieve smart lighting in your home instead of changing your lights for smart ones is by using smart light switches. With this, you can just simply swap out your light switches into this, and you can easily program them to turn on or off throughout the day or control them with Alexa. To maximise these features, make sure to get the best smart light switch for Google Home.

Smart plug

One of the biggest benefits of using a smart power strip is their ability to individually control every single outlet on it. This includes tracking your electricity consumption for each appliance that you plug in. It usually has four sockets that can be controlled individually, including setting the timer, do a countdown, input schedules, and more. You can connect this to your other smart gadgets, like a phone or a wifi smart switch.

If you're renting a place and can't take out the old doorbell that's already installed, don't worry because smart doorbells work great with a wifi smart switch through the help of a hub that connects to your router. Hence, you can simply put it on any outdoor surface and get it to work for up to six months at a time.


A lot of the technologies people use in their homes today offer security, flexibility, and convenience. But there are still other devices that offer the same things and even more. One good example is the use of a smart switch. With this device, you can effectively customise your lighting system at home, adjusting it to your preferences and to suit the needs of your family as well as your home. If you’re ready to make this big switch, be sure to keep in mind all of the things listed in this guide so you can get high quality and the most efficient products for your home. 


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