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Smart Kinetic is a subsidiary company of a reputable company - Zoom Visual, we offer top quality of Smart Glass and Smart Film, some call them Smart Window, Switchable Glass or Smart Glass. Check out our website to find out how Smart Glass Film could enhance your work and home experience in many interesting ways.

Why Smart Glass and Smart Film??

  • Smart Glass and Smart Film or call them Smart Window, Switchable Glass or Smart Glass Film have many great advantages!

  • Smart Glass Film provides privacy protection, change Smart Glass Film from transparent to opaque in less than a second

  • Smart Glass Film effectively reject up to 99%UV rays

  • Smart Glass Film ensure a high degree of safety, Smart Glass Film strengthens the glass to prevent shattering. In the event of breakage due to strong impacts, Smart Glass Film still holds the glass to prevent the ruptured glass from scattering.

  • Cost-saving because Smart Glass Film significantly saving energy, durable and require almost no maintenance

  • Smart Glass Film gives stylish, sleek & neat for a more aesthetically pleasing environment

  • Multitude of uses, Smart Glass Film can be served as a projector screen, digital signage, large projector video walls, LED displays, touch-activated information boards.

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