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As seen on,,, Hype.News, and other media outlets, the much-celebrated National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day™ is a national food-health awareness holiday celebrated annually on June 3 promoting history, education, and scholarly knowledge of stuffed shrimp eating healthily on increased heart-cholesterol benefits for  kids, families, and all!

With a free raffle, speakers, giveaways, various sizes of succulent shrimp from cocktail to jumbo all prepared tastily from Louisiana restaurateurs and delectable dipping sauces, paired with a buffet of fresh fruit and veggies, and an opportunity to meet the reigning Miss Stuffed Shrimp Scholar™ 2019, the official celebration held in Louisiana is sure to have all eating more stuffed shrimp done healthily until you National Stuffed Shrimp Scholars Day™ hearts are content!

Official Colors: Pink, Green





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