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The learning Adventure Begins here

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Which website should i pick?

let’s try Wikiful. Hooray!

Exploring the different websites for creating a wiki was not as simple as understanding what a wiki is or what it is used for. As the learning process continues with EDTK2030, the constant reading and researching has been helped me on this journey. I have officially started my first wiki using the website wikiful. When i clicked on the link it just said start building so i did.

What is a wiki?

Wikiful is a platform where individuals and teams can build pain-free wikis. Make, edit, and share wikis from anywhere, quickly and intuitively. Flexible privacy and collaborator settings, markdown shortcuts, search, and more.(Product hunt. 2019)

How we learn with Mickey

After creating a wiki account students will:

  • Learn how to edit

  • Research topics

  • Draft contributions

  • Publish live

  • Respond to feedback

  • Make final changes and save

Wikis can be private or public, An important feature of a wiki is that information should be easily accessible.It requires basic skills for setting up and maintenance. There can be a few significant issues such as; the lack of knowledge , requires time and effort and maybe even privacy concerns, but there are guidelines to ensure it is successful:

  • Ensure the goal of the wiki is clear, then communicate this to your organization.

  • Determine who the users will be.

  • Ensure there is a moderator/editor to ensure contributions fit the goal and format.

  • Provide clear instructions on how to use a wiki and how to contribute.

  • Promote a culture of friendly collaboration.(Connie Malamed, n.d)

About Wikiful

In this first experience of creating a wiki, i explored many other websites but i decided on trying wikiful. I believe it was relatively easy to navigate especially with no experience. However, there are five free pages for use which i find to be limited depending on what work is being done.I enjoyed exploring how to edit, add pictures and save. Wikiful has been a good help in improving my knowledge of how to create a wiki.


Connie Malamed, n.d. Using wiki for learning and collaboration.The elearning coach. Retreived from: theelearningcoach.com › eLearning 2.0

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