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Most of the startup companies and top MNC commonly use javascript for software development. but javascript is deployed in front-end development only. In 2009 Ryan Dahl introduced the first version of node js, the main advantage of node js is a developer can write code for front-end as well as backend applications. so many web developing industries move on to node js. The companies are PayPal, Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc.

Node JS has an excellent career possibility for any software developer. Node JS Training in Chennai At FITA Academy afford complete backend development training using Node JS scripts. Every programming language has its own set of advantages, but what makes Node so unique? Why is it most popular among developers? and why do businesses use Node JS for many purposes?

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of learning NodeJS.

1.Real-Time Applications

Real-time application development is very complicated because it appears on a massive scale, supporting thousands, even lakhs of users. Fast and persistent input and output are needed for real-time communication between client and server. Node JS Course in Chennai teaches how to create a real-time application for a huge number of users.

NodeJS is much more suitable for these types of applications. Since events run the infrastructure that serves both the server and client-side, the synchronization process with NodeJS is fast and well-organized. The multi user feature is handled by the event loop via the web socket protocol. It uses in TCP and prevents HTTP overload. NodeJS makes scalable, RTA lightweight, usable, and maintainable from a software development standpoint.

2.Low Learning Curve

It doesn't matter what scripting language you are using for the backend development. while you come to the front end you need javascript. Instead of focusing your attention on learning a server-side language like PHP, Java, or Ruby on Rails, you can devote all of your time to learning and mastering JS.

Javascript language can be deployed on both server-side and client-side. However, a developer who is familiar with Node JS can work as a full-stack developer without learning further languages. The sync between the frontend and backend is easier because of the single language use on both sides.

3. Useful Single Codebase

Making Use of Node Sending and synchronizing data between server-side and client-side coding is easy. Your source code would be simpler and more reliable since both sides are using the same language, Javascript. You'll use the same naming convention, methods, and best practices, and same tools. Because of this feature, the developers' time is saved to a greater extent.

If you want to become familiar with Node Js, Node JS Training Institute in Chennai is the right place to get knowledge in Node JS. They provide complete Node JS script training under the guidance of experienced Node JS developers along with placement support.

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