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Looking for an SEO consultant who has vast knowledge? It’s Bertan Uzun. I am an SEO consultant who works for businesses in London. Search engine optimisation is my main business since 2009. I use Google SEO and Webmaster guidelines to increase my clients’ search engine positions to help their sales and profit goals.

Did you get tired of SEO consultants that can’t keep their fancy promises before becoming a partner? Or did you get rid of complex and weird terminology that they assume you must know just because you want to grow your audience or business? If so, my excellence in the industry and SEO consultancy services may be what you need!

Would you want to work with me with my high-end freelance London SEO services? All my SEO strategies are based on Google, ethical, and white hat techniques to grow the website’s search engine rankings. I have worked as an SEO consultant on a lot of websites from various industries. On this page, you can find some detailed information on my SEO services, my principles, and why you may want to hire me to assist you in SEO. 

SEO expertise needs technical website development knowledge, content marketing, on-page and off-page SEO techniques. I can undertake this complex job for you. Your website is going to update on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you will get your reports every month to see the results.

I have been serving in the SEO industry for 12 years and have assisted hundreds of companies and brands in achieving their goals. I pay utmost attention and always keep up with new practices and updates. By being one step ahead in the competition, I also help my partners stand out in their industry competition.

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