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In 2019, the South Carolina Board of Education approved new state standards in social studies: the South Carolina Social Studies College-and Career-Ready Standards. The South Carolina Department of Education has released Alignment Guides to support teachers in developing curriculum aligned to the new standards.

I teach social studies at Marlboro County High School in Bennettsville. I have often been frustrated at the lack of curriculum and instructional materials aligned to the 2011 South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards. Since the new standards require all of us to realign our instruction, I decided that I would attempt to build units, lessons, and assessments and offer them for other teachers to use if they wish.

The goal of this project is to develop curriculum aligned to the South Carolina Social Studies College- and Career-Ready Standards for high school courses that are:

  • rigorous

  • knowledge rich

  • inquiry based

  • are able to be used in a variety of classroom settings (such as technology)

I would love to receive feedback, suggestions, or corrections on the materials posted here. I can be reached at:

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