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Well for starters it is a Netflix anime series that is actually good.So the actual plot is that a girl named Elizabeth is looking for a group of knights called ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’.She hopes to collect all of them to free the kingdom from the holy knights.She comes across the leader of them,Meliodas,who goes on a journey with her to find all of them.Well for the first season at least.So you think this is another anime fan writing about this cause they have nothing better to do, huh?Well you are correct.So the rest you have to find out for yourself by watching it on Netflix.The last season comes out next year so I apolagize for that but, Japan always gets the anime a year earlier so ask Netflix not me.Anyway,now you know what they are right?

“Why does Japan get it a year early?'“

Well you see since anime was created in Japan,it is only fair that they get it a year early.So that is the answer to your question right?

“When is the next season actually coming out?”

Well Netflix says it comes out next year in late October so we don’t actually have an official date for that if you are curious.

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