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When the people whose behavior you’re sizing up see your achievements as a positive reflection on themselves, they’ll take great pains to help you however they can. So this sign creates pure power of prediction.

They’ll voluntarily link themselves to you, protect you from harm, and find ways to promote your interests.

I like to vest in the success of as many people as is reasonably possible, because when I do, they usually vest in my success—as well as the success of others close to me—and my effectiveness increases exponentially.

Like most of the six signs, this perception must be how the other person feels, and not just how you feel. If they don’t see it, it doesn’t exist—even if it should. Some people shy away from promising alliances, because they still believe in the proverbial Army of One. But the Army of One almost always gets its ass kicked by the Army of Two. An Army of Three tops an Army of Two. Do the math. Its as easy as playing on outdoor fitness equipment.

To find out if somebody would be a good ally, talk to them about their immediate goals, necessities, concerns, and passions, and see if they fit with yours. If they do, tell them. They’ll probably jump all over it. The urge for partnership is a primal need.

But if you do need to persuade somebody to be your ally, don’t bother. They need to see for themselves that they’ll benefit—and want to. Then they’ll go all in. I’d rather work with a few people giving me 100 percent than a hundred people giving me 50 percent.

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