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  1. Purr Data:

  2. SDT or Sound Design Toolkit:


  • Windows 10 Education (1903)

  • Onboard Sound Card

  • The current Purr Data release is only 32-bit for Windows and hence we use 32-bit version of SDT.


  1. Install Purr Data from (latest release)

  2. Download SDT from (latest release)

    1. Unzip SDT to any folder

    2. The folder name should be the same as the DLL contained within it for Purr Data to work.

      1. Rename the root folder named similar to “SDT_v2.2-078” to libSDT

      2. Rename Win32 > SDT_Pd to Win32 > SDT

  3. Run Purr Data

    1. Opening any .pd file that uses SDT should and will fail with red errors marked in the console

    2. Go to Purr Data > Edit > Preferences > Startup (tab)

    3. Add Search Path (newly renamed SDT)

      1. C:/code/SDT_v2.2-078/libSDT ***(ensure that you use / instead of the \)

    4. Add libraries

      1. SDT

      2. libSDT

    5. Add Startup Flags

      1. -lib libSTD

    6. Click Apply, OK, and restart SDT

    7. Open any .pd file that uses SDT and it should work properly.


SDT configuration on Purr Data
Errors while opening a pd file that uses SDT without SDT configured properly


Please report issues to sandeepzgk [at] gmail [dot] com

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