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For what reason do I need this breathing cover?

This uncommon breathing cover of Safebreath Pro is particularly useful and suggested in those circumstances where there is an elevated level of fine residue noticeable all around or some other air contamination. Individuals with a lung sickness and the related breathing troubles, for instance, advantage from this cover. Particularly in the present circumstance of the inexorably spreading crown infection, this defensive cover is a decent security for yourself not to contract this infection through the air.

Safebreath Pro assessment and proposal

On account of the agreeable method for wearing the breathing cover and the delicate material, it offers perfect insurance for the entire day. With this cover you won't get a sentiment of largeness in your face or need to perspire. It lies softly all over and, gratitude to a breathing valve, encourages you get enough oxygen to inhale without harmful gases or infections traversing it. The mask channels dust and different poisons from the air and doesn't let them get to you.

Safebreath Pro specialized realities

The accompanying specialized subtleties are accessible for the defensive mask:

Capacity: Anti-haze, hostile to PM2.5, against survey, against dust, pattern, hostile to street savagery.

Breathing valve: new 3.0

Channel impact: 95 percent or more

Item Name: Valve Mask

Two-layer polyurethane filtration: The main layer channels huge particles and dust and the subsequent layer effectively assimilates unfiltered residue and microorganisms. Nano innovation.

mask style: hanging ear — like glasses over or here around the ear. Full nose and mouth inclusion.

Is there a breathing valve: Yes

Material: microfibre

Assurance level: KN95

Size: approx. 27x14 cm

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