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Let’s begin making our Civil War Wall Murals!

You will each be in 5 groups with 4 teammates each.

The groups are:

Group One

  1. Mary

  2. Zach

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Nicole

Group Two

  1. Shauna

  2. Olivia

  3. Matthew

  4. Jake

Group Three

  1. William

  2. George

  3. Alexis

  4. Madison

Group Four

  1. Chris

  2. Lee

  3. Allie

  4. Michelle

Group Five

  1. Jasmine

  2. Abigail

  3. James

  4. Jeremy

Task One

Each student will watch the Civil War Review video located on the Resources Page. Take a few notes! This is going to highlight the events of the Civil War.

Task Two

Each student will pick a topic. The topics are Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, Frederick Douglass, Civil War Causes, and Reconstruction. Once each person picks their topic, you will move on to Task Three.

Task Three

Each student will go to the Resources page and click on the Brainpop link for their topic. An example would be if Nicole picked Abraham Lincoln, she would go to the Resources page, find the video for Abraham Lincoln and click on the link. Once you have pulled up your video, you will need to watch it fully and take a few notes! You may want to watch it more than once to make sure you understand your topic. Once you and your teammates have watched your videos, you will move on to Task Four.

Task Four

Now that you have watched the video on your topic, you are ready to make your own wall mural! You and your teammates will go to the front of the room and grab a blank sheet of white paper, and some colored pencils. You will then go to your own desks and start working on your wall mural. A wall mural consists of small pictures and words around a centered topic. So if we were making a wall mural of Summer, we could put words such as bright, sunny, hot, and water. When you put your words you want to make them bright and colorful so that they stand out. Continuing with our summer example, we would then include some small pictures that represent summer; such as, a swimming pool, a sun, an ice cream cone, and the beach. And all of these together are going to make your own Wall Mural. This is what you will be doing, except with your own topic.

Here is the Summer example:

This Wall Mural of Summer that could be located in an Ice Cream Shop. It has a few things related to the topic. What do you see in the wall mural that reminds you of summer? A few things I saw were:

  • The word “Happy”

  • The word “Summer”

  • An Ice-Cream Cone

  • A Cold Lemonade

  • A Popsicle

  • A Happy Girl Jumping

After each teammate has completed their own wall mural, you will come back together and move on to Task Five.

Task Five

Congratulations! You are almost done. You and your teammates will go to the front of the room and find your group number written on the white board. You will then use the tape on the desk and tape each of your individual wall murals together and put it on the board under your group number. Now your group has come together and successfully completed your Civil War Wall Mural. One more task and you are done!

Task Six

Each teammate will get a sheet of notebook paper and answer the questions on the Conclusion page. After you have done that, you will turn them in to the box in the front. Do not forget your name and group number! Under the evaluation page you will find exactly how you and your teammates will get graded for your Wall Mural.

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