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Since we are surrounded by different gadgets and technology in the day-to-day lives, confronting abnormalities and come across hiccups is not common for tech-savvy users. Be it a Scanner, printer, router, mails, or any other service or devices, confronting difficulties with them is quire usual. As a matter of fact, people may get stuck with software malfunctions. In these circumstances, one needs to comprehend the reason for the problem in order to troubleshoot it.

Now, when one attempts to get connected with the professionals, they come to the realization that it is not that easy to get a hold of them. The call may not get connected, and when it does, the waiting time is too long, which can upset the user. Our HP Printer Customer Care Number 1877-269-4999 deft technicians come to your rescue here. We have come up with the concept to assist the users by giving them genuine and verified Toll-free customer support service phone numbers. The toll-free is available 24/7 and is completely toll-hassle-free.

These are some problems and their eradication method:

  1. How To Resolve Color Printing Issues?

The world is full of multiple colors that suit our eyes. We humans have a tendency to fall in love with colors. Even the component and different equipment we buy also comes in different colors. When it comes to printers, the users are fond of buying the color printers.

The color printers are rapidly replacing the black and white printers. But what if your color printer is printing the documents in black? You will be left disappointed. But it often happens because of some types of technical errors with your color printer. Now the point is how to figure out the core course behind it and how to resolve this error. According to experts at HP Printer Helpline Number, the error might occur from the ink cartridge end. You need to check your cartridge and if you find it empty, then refill it. In case is already filled with ink, then figure out the other causes of the issue.

After making sure the ink cartridge is not out of the ink, open the front cover of your printer and removes the cartridge. Ensure the cartridge is not expired. In case your cartridge is empty, faulty, or expired, then replace it with the new one.

In spite of replacing the cartridge, if the color issue is not resolved, and then the problem might occur from the print head end. At times, the dust and dirt accumulated on the print heads cause color issues. Below is a simple method to clean the print head.

Step by step procedure to clean print heads

  • Press the power button along with the resume button

  • Release the power button. The printer will start cleaning the print heads.

  • Once the print heads get cleared up, print out your document once again. If the problem persists, repeat again the procedure.

  • The issue is supposed to fix

How to turn on the Color option in the printer?

In case the color issue does not fix, then it’s time to make some changes in the printer settings. Below is the product to change color settings in the HP Printer.

  • Choose Settings from the start menu

  • Click on the Devices option

  • On the properties page, click on the printing preferences

  • Visit Paper/Quality tab

  • Tap on color

  • Press Ok and exit


2. Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Errors

HP is a top printer manufacturer in the current market because of its high print quality and high functionalities. The professionals across the globe are familiar with HP printers. Therefore, they always prefer to install HP printer in their offices. Put simply, HP printers are the most efficient and compatible printers to carry out overall printing tasks being performed in offices. The printers let you work at a rapid pace which leaves a direct impact on your work productivity. Your work productivity in the office increases for sure.

The engineers have utilized high-end technology to develop the printer so that it can turn out to be the most reliable and efficient device. At the same time, the users come across sorts of printing errors. However offline errors are the basic ones. The offline errors occur when your HP Printer is connected to your network, but still the connection error occurs. As per the experts at HP Printer Customer Service Number, these issues occur to some network problems.

Being a printer user, you cannot use the printer until unless the offline issue is not resolved. There are certain tips and suggestions to resolve HP offline errors.

Reboot your wireless printer, router, and PC

At times, just by rebooting the network issue gets resolved. Before doing anything else, you should first reboot all these three things. Firstly reboot your printer. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to get rebooted. Then it comes to turn off the wifi router by disconnecting it through the power cable. Remove the Ethernet cable and USB cable. Reconnect all wires and turn on your router, printer, and PC.

Rename your wifi

If the above procedure does not work out for you, the next thing you should do is to rename your wifi network. So, change SSIP of the wifi network. Once you changed the network name, reconnect your device. This will help to resolve a drop in connection or incorrect wireless connection issue. The procedure is quite simple. First, give a unique name to your wifi and saves the changes. Second, reconnect the HP printer to the new wifi network.

Dial HP printer number to get direct help

Simply by applying these two methods, the HP offline issues are believed to be resolved. While following the steps, if you come across any obstacle, dial HP Printer Support Number belonged to a pioneer customer support service backed by a proficient team of tech nerds.


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