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Nothing is more important than learning what type of service a house clearance Leicester based company offers. By doing so, not only you will ensure that they follow the highest standards, but you will also gain a sense of security knowing that your property, assets, and loved ones are in safe hands. As a homeowner, you should not just let anyone have access to your home. Who knows what might happen, right?

If you are unsure of what to ask, check out the list of questions below as your reference the next time you hire any clearance services.

How many people will come to remove items from the property?

All companies operate differently, but most companies will send at least two people to clear properties as a rule. However, it usually takes three or more. Do not be afraid to ask if their staff wear uniforms, their background, how many years of experience they have working in the same field, and if they have the proper certification to conduct such jobs. You should also make sure that they’ll have the proper tools on hand to do the job.

What will be done with all my stuff?

You might think this is a trivial topic, but it could have serious ramifications. If some of your belongings are improperly disposed of or fly-tipped, you could face fines of up to £5,000 or even jail if council officials can track the items back to you. You should strive to determine where and how the goods will be disposed of. For example, inquire as to which recycling centre they often utilise and whether or not they are licenced. A good house clearance agency will be more than pleased to provide you with that information, so don’t be scared to inquire when selecting house clearance services. Some rubbish removal Leicester services also have in-house recycling facilities and shops where they resell second-hand items and furniture. Knowing where your stuff will end up is vital for being ecologically responsible and staying compliant, and avoiding prosecution, so don’t take this lightly.

Can you provide evidence of final disposal?

As a standard operating procedure, waste removal Leicester wide companies should be prepared to provide tipping receipts and other proof of final disposal to clients. Although it may take some time to obtain this information, and the tipping receipt may also refer to a load containing waste from another client of the waste collection, reconciliation should still be achievable. As a result, it is critical to ensure that any potential waste partners are willing and able to offer this information - request samples of evidence provided to other clients. It will provide peace of mind about the waste audit trail and provide a far better picture of how much waste is being diverted from landfill.

Do you have separate arrangements for collecting hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste, such as fridges, TVs, computer monitors and fluorescent lamp tubes, should not be bundled in with general waste and should only be disposed of at licensed facilities to handle such waste. In carrying and disposing of hazardous wastes, take a closer look at these three things that could affect this practice.

Firstly, waste carriers should be supplying hazardous waste consignment notes to their clients, copies of which should be kept for three years – so ask to see examples of some that have been provided to other clients. Secondly, expect higher disposal fees because it is more costly to dispose of hazardous waste at a properly licensed facility to handle it. Lastly, request your house clearance Leicester based partner for any document proving of final disposal. This is to ensure that these hazardous wastes are disposed of properly and through accredited companies and avenues.

What type of vans do they have?

A good house clearance agency will have a fleet of 3.5 Luton sized box vans – the biggest– helping you clear your house appropriately. The size matters, especially when you are going for commercial clearance. Also, ask them if their vans are insured to carry waste or if they have the right kind of machinery to clear your house? Asking this question will give you the assurance you need to hire the best possible rubbish removal Leicester company you can find.

Do they provide valuation services?

There are a few house clearance agencies that would be genuinely engaged in offering the valuation services. If you are clueless about how much an item is worth, it is always better to ask. They can offer their professional and trusted service for items in good condition. Ask this before you hire them so that transparency is maintained if they find something worth a lot of money. A good and reputed waste removal Leicester service provider will hand over any valuable thing to you and let you know the good price you can get after selling it.

Taking extra steps in ensuring that you are hiring credible and trustworthy house clearance Leicester based partners will sure pay off. This is for the sake of your assets and loved ones, after all. You may also ask your friends and families if they can recommend a company they have used before and have yielded satisfactory results. This way, you will be cutting corners and go directly to an establishment that is deemed reputable.

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