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Full Stack Developer:

Full-stack web developers can create full-fledged web applications and websites. A developer who is responsible for the whole development process of any application like front-end development, back-end development, hosting, server, API, User interface, etc.

A Full Stack Web Developer needs to know how to design and manage a web application's front and back-end, and must also be experienced with the different languages used to improve a web application. Full Stack Developer Online Course allows you to learn top skills such as MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js (“MEAN”), JavaScript, and more.

Full-stack developers will build Web development strategies for each part of the project. Through years of experience working in this area, the Developer has a deep knowledge of systems. So, the developer only understands the problem and resolves those issues.

In the given below, we discuss the skills that are needed for a full-stack developer.

  • A detailed understanding of interacting with network technology, web architecture, and protocols such as TCP / IP, HTTP, etc.

  • Knows how to work with Operating Systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, and CentOS, etc.

  • Learning the function of a web server such as Nginx, Apache, etc.

  • Basic design knowledge of UI and UX designing

  • Knowledge in Front end technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

  • Using web development platform and libraries such as AngularJs, jQuery, and React, etc. to design and build the UI.

  • A strong understanding of languages on the server-side, such as Ruby, Java, Ruby, and Python, etc.

  • Relational and NoSQL database management systems such as SQL, MongoDB, and, MySQL, etc. are well versed in running and querying.

  • Manage and run Version Control Systems such as Subversion, and Git, etc.

Learn the basic concepts of both frontend and backend programming and get to know the new Web developer innovations and ecosystems with the support of the Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai at FITA Academy.


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