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As an owner, it's important to look after your horse's health. Caring for a horse with a history of ulcers is a completely different scenario. Owners of horses who have previously had ulcers are aware of new ulcer symptoms, whether it's a horse leaving his feed or having minor colic. Luckily, these ulcers can be treated with supplements.

Once a horse has fully recovered from an ulcer, the best way to maintain health and avoid future ulcers is to put him on a nutritional maintenance regimen. The ulcer supplement for horses, when provided on a regular basis, maintains a horse's stomach health. The supplements help the horse's small and large intestines maintain a healthy population of "good bacteria," or gut flora. This is essential because a healthy gut flora keeps external intruders out of the gut, preventing ulcers.

Supplements are also important for digestion, especially in horses that have difficulty absorbing nutrients or have poor digestion in general. These nutrients aid in healing horse ulcers as soon as they appear. In short, the nutrients provide your horse's body what it needs to keep its stomach healthy and treat any ulcers that may develop.

Travel, horse shows, intense training, a new environment, or a sudden change in weather can cause horses to become stressed. You are the best judge of what stresses your horse. You may prevent your horse from getting new ulcers by boosting his feed with ulcer-preventive ingredients ahead of time if you know he'll be agitated.

A good horse ulcer supplement tailored to your horse's nutritional and behavioural demands is a great way to avoid horse ulcers and other acute and chronic health problems.

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