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Purchasing a new home is a matter of concern as it is connected with your emotional and economical side. A healthy home is your right and when you are purchasing that with a handsome amount of money, you have to make sure that your home doesn't have any flaws and has proper ventilation, drainage, insulation, and no moisture ingress. To ensure that you, with your family, are shifting to a healthy home, you will need a pre-purchase building inspection.


What are the main responsibilities of the pre-purchase inspection service?


●     1. They give an overview of the property's structural issue and give you the report.

●     2. They will make you aware of what things you have to repair just after shifting or before shifting.

●     3. For your safety, they will do electrical wiring and smoke alarm tests and give you a report of faulty electrical wirings on the property.

●     4. Give you the report of unsafe areas of the home that has dangerous accessories or anything fishy.

●     5. They will also examine the sundry structures of the house.


In short, healthy home inspection services help you to decide whether you should purchase the home or not and help you estimate the cost of shifting.


If you are looking for a reliable healthy home inspection service in NZ, you can go for RedLBP that will provide you a quality inspection and give you the perfect healthy home report ( verbal building report, written building report). There are many healthy home inspection services available but you should go for a company that is certified and renowned. Being the best healthy home inspection service, RedLBP can also provide you meth testing reports and floor level reports. Your property inspector should be a qualified one and able to save your time.  A pre-purchase building inspection is a big responsibility and you should assign a  company like RedLBL that has years of experience in the field and skilled, knowledgeable team members.

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