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The Tamworth TAFE Student Association is an important part of your local campus.

The aims of the Student Association are to:

  • improve services and facilities on campus

  •   organise activities in conjunction with theme days

  • raise funds to upgrade facilities


Benefits of membership

·         Discounts at local businesses

·         Able to borrow TAFE library laptops


The Student Association also provides a number of other services such as student accommodation assistance and Tax Help.



President: Cindy Turner                                 cindy.turner@tafensw.net.au

Treasurer: David Wilson                                 david.wilson1@tafensw.net.au

Secretary: Jane Oliver                                     jane.oliver@tafensw.net.au

Staff Support Officer: James Munro         james.munro@tafensw.edu.au


Meeting Time/Date: Second Tuesday each month – 11:30am

Membership Fee: $10

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