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Web development is a field of being in the shadow of work and has nothing to do with the design section. Developers do not prioritize interesting visually attractive instead they focus on neat and clean code without great functionality. Although web developers handle all tasks related to the design and development of the website but their specialty is in the development of the back-end site.

Now if we talk about web designers, they web designer in delhi work on the design and display of the site. How will the website look? This decision is taken by web designers or UI developers. Back-end development is about server database management because the dynamic database is needed by web developers.

Front-end developers must have three main languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

What is a web design?

This is the most common term that uses professionals in the industrial market. When we talk about web designers then it means having a large set of bundle skills that can be said to be a visual design.

Designers are people who change ideas into realistic and visually attractive designs. They work effectively to have user experience throughout the website. The design they make must be the appearance of the website and the nuances of the website.

The first designer began to build a model and design of the later layout demo after designing a design demo to be confirmed from the authorities and after it was given to the developer.

Web-Designer uses tools such as XD Sketch, Corel Draw, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. perfection in these tools must be a great web designer. These are people who play with color palettes, pictures, logos etc. Their main goal is the appearance of a website that must be pleasing to the eye.

What is Web Development?

Web developers are people who keep arm distance with UI. They are people who work in shadows means people in the background and add to the function for each section of the UI. Developers usually use their left brain to develop components with features. These people build database connectivity, control traffic through use.

These people work on the security of the website. Languages ​​that generally work developers are CSS, PHP, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript etc.

The main task of Web developers is to develop a back-end site. He handles the development of all important components of web pages. Developers work on sites that have been designed by a web designer. So, you can say a web designer provides a complete website design and developers develop it like that.

Compared with developers, web designers are considered artistic and inventive.

The developer focuses on developing a neat and clean code that they need not care about the appearance of the website.

Write clean code and provide details to each small object is the most important job of the developer.

Web development is an area where we have more care developers with the coding section, part of the functionality and small details about the website.

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