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Since, we do most of our work, shopping and communicating through our phones and laptops, they are subjected to some sort of damage. Many times, we break the screen of our phones, or there is some issue with the audio, we look for repairs from a place that is trusted and reliable and will be able to offer a long-term solution to such a problem. Well, a good repair shop is just a call away, as we are there to resolve your repair issues.

Q Wireless N Computer offers Mac computer repair, Samsung cell phone screen repair with repairs in other phone and computer brands as well. If you are looking for an immediate diagnosis and solution for your electronic troubles, we are the right service provider for you. We guarantee that your data will be secured even after the repair is done and you will not lose any files. We aim at providing the best and quality services to our customers so that they are satisfied after the job is done. We work on all sorts of repair from charging issues to microphone repair, along with diagnostic services and water damages.

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