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house painter contractor in NJ

Who We Are

Princeton Painters is a house painter contractor in NJ. Our team of professionals aim to beautify your home or apartment with interior and exterior house painting services as well as apartment painting in NJ.

We take pride in the years of service we have given to the residents of New Jersey in regard to painting their homes. Our team ensures that every project gets completed on time and remains under the client’s budget.

What We Do

Princeton Painters offers a variety of house painting services in Princeton, NJ. A painting crew like ours is capable of handling every painting job that comes our way. Whether you want the entire interior painted, or simply want to revamp the look of a particular room, our team is always ready to assist you.

For each project, we will contact our client, talk to them about their expectations, their budget, and the time frame in which they want the project to be completed. Once we know the project goals and the time frame, our team gets up and ready to work.

Our Services

Our services include:

• Interior and exterior house painting

• New apartment painting

• Cabinet painting

• Ceiling painting

• Kitchen and bathroom painting

• Basement painting

• Garage painting

• Trim painting

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