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A kitchen can be a great bonding place for you and your kids. Sadly, most kitchens are not specifically designed for kids, the counter is well above their heads and dangerous items such as stoves and knives are abundant, but it is the perfect environment to introduce them to Safety Surfacing and starting science and maths by measuring, pouring and cooking. It also leads them along a path that helps and involves family members.

Enter the tower of study. The twin kitchen helpers are the pieces you never knew you needed, championed by teachers of Montessori and enthusiastic parents "I do it!"

In contrast to excessively short steps and unstable chairs pulled into the counter, study towers are specially designed for young children to engage in safe, side-by-side cooking activities with parents/caregivers.

Why are towers for children great learning?

Children can pitch themselves and cook with age-appropriate tasks from 18 months on. The more they reach, the more they can help. Furthermore, developing these skills from an early age helps build self-assurance and knowledge that can help them as a kid. (No rules say a 3-year-old cannot learn how to master the art of coffee-pumping).

For which era is a tower for learning?

People understand one’s own little one best, but search for it like this – you can take the stairs to an educational tower. Even though some more accessible models are much appropriate for ages 3+, most professionals offer them for 18 months and or over.

Are towers safe to learn?

Learning towers must be used on an equal surface, like any furniture they can climb. And while often they have a massive presence, tipping is still an issue, so just use it while you're pushing against safe structures like controllers and sinks.


Under Chief Toddler Tower Sprut

The Sprout Sub-Chef Toddler Tower is perfect for families who value a minimalist aesthetic, with an impressively small footprint that does not compromise its functionality. It is super easy to assemble and adjust the durable Baltic birch tower as they grow without a single instrument! (Does that get any easier?) It fits into three different heights (12,15” and 18") to keep the small aids at the right level for all that moves and flows. A finished surface and the absence of cracks and gaps make cleaning easier.

This design is a simple decision for the youngest assistants with three sides completely enclosed. You can easily go immediately to support, but you wouldn't have to think too hard about a mistake by sending them out.

Little Partners learning tower

Little Partners introduced the original in 1992 to the gold standard of learning towers. The sturdy tower, designed and designed by a teacher from Montessori and his mom, is flush against the counter, making cooking, rinsing, measuring, and mixing very easy for children. The spacious platform with a weight limit of 500 pounds makes it easy for two children to accommodate at a time.

Little Partners Explore n' Store learning tower

This simple learning tower is easy to build, super solid and robust, and is ideal for smaller rooms. It's one of the narrower designs we found, which measures only 19 centimetres wide and has a smart folding step that makes it easy for children to enter and go on their own. The platform adjusts to three different heights, but without a lesser crossbar, it is better suited for ages 3+.

HappyTower convertible learning tower

Why invest in only a tower of learning, if you can invest in an apprenticeship/activity table + chairs/calendar transformer? This bright design brings the concept of School Playground Equipment to the next level and over the years it has grown with your child. It requires very little installation and transforms with a simple fit and snap tower and table styles.

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