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Primo, definatly primo. 1stly, you don't need an anti-e if you're using, say 300mg test, tren and primo. If you added 300mg eq instead of primo, you'd probably need some nolva kicking around. So you don't need to pay for nolva, and maybe primo would seem more economical given this consideration. Test+EQ+Primo tips for this cycle? Hey! Im putting together a nice stack for this summer cycle. This will be my third cycle, and Im pretty lean measuring around 7-8% bodyfat on machines and fat caliber (3spot method). Im cutting before cycle so I can bulk and stay lean throughout the summer on cycle and then keep bulking post cycle to hopefully ... Hey,. J'ai fais la recette du fraisier de @thibault_geoffray , c'etait vraiment trop bon , la base granola donne un excellente texture ! Swipe a droite pour le melt ??

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All you need is test and tren. Primo is so weak that you wont even notice it with the tren in there. Nr.2 all the way. Tren is simply an awesome aas for recomp.

Am preparing for my next cycle and am going to run 400mg Tren E along with 750-800mg Boldenone (EQ) and 350mg Test Cyp for 20 weeks. Wanted everyones input to adding Primobolan. I prefer to go injectable instead of oral. Cycle support with all will be used and am on Test replacement therapy. Also AI is without a doubt parte of packaj and Cabergoline at 0.25 twice weekly. #colonicsnottingham #colonics #guthealth #digestion #itsagutthing #digestivehealth #wellbeing #healthygut #coloncleanse #healthandwellness #happygut #healthy #practitioner #businessowner #businesswomen #clinic If you have good quality primo, I would run that with your test and drop the EQ.

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