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One approach some companies take to increase their client base is to hold corporate events. When done correctly, this can be very beneficial and valuable to the business. Typically B2B businesses will benefit most when it comes to using corporate events to gain new customers. In this article, we take a look at some tips for companies that aim to gain new customers from corporate events.

Find a way to attract attendees

To get the best attendance, you’ll need to provide the people you invite with a reason to come to your event. A guest speaker is a popular choice; choose someone renowned in the industry who will attract a large but relevant audience to your event. Alternatively, you could put on a show or fun event that brings people together from the same industry. Informational events that aim to help businesses improve are popular as they can use their learning and development budget to pay for guests to attend.

Increase your budget with sponsorship

If you want to increase your budget, you can contact other businesses in your industry that you work alongside. These lucrative partnerships can help your event by providing an additional budget in exchange for advertising. Avoid choosing a competitor business and instead opt for a company that complements your business or provides something you can’t offer. The last thing you want is to stop people from working with you and encourage them to work with your sponsor partner instead. A bigger budget means you can invite more potential clients and increase your chances of gaining new customers from the event.

Details are important

A corporate event needs to impress attendees and give them a reason to want to work with your business. Details are important in event planning; forgetting to provide water on the table or not having an option for a vegan guest can make your business appear unprofessional. Extra details can show your potential clients that you take things seriously and will pay as much care and attention to them as a client if they choose to work with you. It can be very challenging without professional help to organise an event that gets everything right. Many businesses will work with a destination management company in Malta or the destination of their choice. These companies are experienced professionals that can ensure your guests receive the very best service and no detail is forgotten. Impressing your guests is key to a successful event that will help you gain more customers for your business.

Tell guests what to expect

Guests will need time to prepare how they’re going to get to the event, what they need to wear and who to send to the event. Informing your guests in advance of the dress code and schedule for the event can help things run more smoothly. Businesses may choose to send more senior decision-makers to the event if they see there is an opportunity to network with other industry professionals. People also like to be prepared to present themselves in a way that’s expected. A dress code will allow attendees to wear clothing appropriate for the event and level of formality. Including these details and informing your guests in advance with plenty of time to prepare will prevent anyone from feeling out of place and embarrassed. If guests aren’t prepared, it will reflect poorly on your business which could impact how many new customers your event generates.

Choose an appropriate venue

Choose a venue that is suitable for the number of guests that have agreed to attend your event. A venue that’s too small will be crowded and uncomfortable. It could also result in some guests leaving. A venue that’s too big may feel empty and give the impression to your guests that you couldn’t find enough people to fill the event space. In both of these situations, your guests might form a negative impression of your abilities as a business. If you’re unsure how many people are attending your event, you could choose a venue with multiple spaces. Once you confirm your numbers, you can select the best space to host the event. Alternatively, you could extend your guest list and invite more people if you find your numbers are a bit short.


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