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Google Opinion Rewards Hack

Generating a good amount of play store money can be hard with the Opinion Rewards app, as you only get a few surveys to do per week.

Luckily for you guys, I have created the only working version of a Google Opinion Rewards Hack.

How to Hack Google Opinion Rewards?

To use this hack, just click on the link below:


Once you reach the hacks main page, simply enter your google accounts email address, select the amount you wish to add to the account, then click on the 'Generate' button.

Once the hack has finished, you will be awarded the free play credit

What is the Google Rewards app?

We have presented the Google Opinion Rewards or the "Google Survey App" several times in the blog, with which you can earn credits for the Play Store within a few seconds. In a few weeks, there will be a comprehensive update of the platform, which will then offer more possibilities than just surveys and will probably also bring new rewards than just credits for the Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards hack is a very handy app: Depending on your profile and usage habits, you get surveys that in the vast majority of cases consist of only three to four questions and can be answered within seconds. Most of the time it is about visited shops, which should simply be rated with 1 to 5 stars, but sometimes also about the evaluation of Google products or a simple evaluation of YouTube proposals. Each survey earns an average of 10 to 40 cents.

Now Google has informed users that Opinion Rewards will be merged with the Cross Media Panel over the next few weeks, which offers further opportunities. This program was launched by Google in 2016 but hasn't received any sign-ups for a long time. The program essentially consists of a Chrome extension or Android app that records usage behavior and collects valuable data.

Those who agree with this collection are paid by Google and can earn a dollar or two. The program will be available in Opinion Rewards over the coming weeks and will be offered through this app. At the same time, new participants will probably be admitted again, who can thus keep the additional possibility to earn credits open. How much can be earned with it and what exactly is tracked will then become apparent after the changeover of the program.

We're going to make some changes to Google Opinion Rewards throughout the year that will give you more reward opportunities to earn rewards. Stay tuned for more information to come.

It is currently unclear whether the program applies worldwide or only in the United States. The users of Opinion Rewards are said to have been informed by e-mail, as a hard-working user of the app (I earn 2-3 Euros per month) I did not receive such information.

But the merger is not the only major change, but the remuneration model is also to be expanded. We're talking about "new rewards hack" so it's not just going to be a good idea for the Play Stores new features. You might put on amenities that used to be available for Local Guides,i.e. drive storage space, Google account credits, goodies, and gifts, or maybe actually cash that you can then withdraw.

The app has been available for iOS for half a year, allowing users to actually make real money instead of Google Play Store credits via the hack apk version. It is therefore not excluded that one also takes cash in order to get the opinions and usage behavior of the users.

Much of the games and apps in the Play Store are available for free and are funded by advertising, mainly because Android users are rarely willing to open their wallets. But there are also many payment contents that many people do not want to do without. With a long-available Google app, you can get a financial injection for the Play Store or even have the shopping pleasure paid for in full.

Android developers also want to live off anything and very often offer in-app purchases for additional features, goodies or even simply donations. Other apps are subject to a charge from the outset and must be purchased by the user before downloading. Even if these are small amounts, neat sums can come together very quickly in relation to this – so a small financial injection can never hurt.

A few years ago, Google launched the survey app, which allows any smartphone user to make money – and with just a few seconds of time. All you have to do is take part in surveys and answer questions for which you are paid very fluctuating amounts. The reward is on Android in the form of credits for the Play Store and on iOS, it can be paid out via PayPal. So iPhone users can actually make money.

The surveys are offered to the user regularly (more on this later in the text) and usually consist of only 3 to 5 questions, which are usually answered in less than 30 seconds and can easily do so by the way. A large part of the questions is which shops you have visited in the last few days and how to rate them or which means of payment was used. However, there may also be questions about suggested YouTube videos or, in very rare cases, general surveys on targeted topics and products.

Once you have completed a survey, the money is stored directly on the Play Store account or for iOS users on the virtual account and can be used there. The credit can be freely used in the Play Store for all purchases, but unfortunately cannot be used for subscriptions. If you don't buy apps, you can also treat yourself to a book or a movie.

What about earnings?

Earnings vary widely. You can earn 10 cents per survey, but also up to 90 cents (my previous maximum). For an estimated 30 seconds of work, by the way, nice merit. On average, I would say that the earnings are around 40 cents – at least that applies to me in Austria.

How often do you get surveys?

The surveys are based on location history and usage of Google services. Personally, I am offered new surveys practically every day, but they actually very often involve the same thing. Every time I leave the supermarket, the next day the survey comes with the exact same questions. This probably doesn't make sense for Google or the supermarket, but in the end, I get money for it every day.

The second big category is YouTube videos. Since my children have their daily TV hour on YouTube, I often get questions about video recommendations, which also contain the same thing over and over again. So if you use Google products and release your location, you have a great chance of doing regular surveys.

Why don't I get surveys?

You read this criticism over and over again, but it's hard to answer that, except for my own experience. As I said, the surveys are based on location history. Of course, if you don't enter any shops, you can't rate any. So if you have turned off your smartphone on the way or if the visit is not recognized for some reason, there can be no surveys. But also here note: I live in Austria, maybe there are more surveys for each individual due to the lower number of users.

What do I do with the credit?

The credit can be spent by Android users in the Play Store for any content except subscriptions. iOS users can even withdraw it. If you don't need the credit, you might still be able to do something good for the developers of your favorite app and buy a premium version or donate an amount. Personally, I use a lot of apps in the premium version, although I often don't need them at all – the credit has to go! After one year, the balance expires without warning.

What's the difference between other survey apps?

Many other survey apps would have to be called the Question App. Often you have to fill out page-long questionnaires and in the end, you don't get more than 20 cents. The balance is then, of course, only paid out from a minimum amount, which can hardly be achieved without many hours of work. In this app, as already mentioned, the time required is extremely manageable and the credit is directly available.

Is the Google Opinion Rewards Hack tool safe?

When you hack Google Opinion Rewards using our app, you can rest assured that your account will be 100% safe.

The hack uses a special technique that is in-line with Google rewards terms and conditions.

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