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Guidelines for Visiting Goa amidst Covid-19

 Goa is now opened for domestic tourists! Indeed, its good news for beach lovers, but coronavirus has not gone yet. Therefore, safety is still a mandatory factor during the tours. Yes, Goa is ready to welcome the tourists with its picturesque beaches and serene beauty, but are tourists ready for their memorable beach visit after COVID-19 lockdown? If not, what they can do? Let's find out all the Guidelines for visiting Goa amidst Covid-19.

How Can the Candidates Get Permission to Step in Goa?

The first and foremost requirement to visit Goa is to hold a COVID test result that denotes the tourist as COVID negative. The test must be conducted not more than 2 days before the visit.

Even if the tourist cannot get a COVID test done before the trip, they can get it done in Goa as well. But until the report comes, they have to go back to their place or stay in quarantine in service apartments Goa. Visiting the attractions solely depends on this report. In case the report says negative, the tourists can enjoy the trip. Else, they need to quarantine themselves. In terms of staying, the service apartments are considerably safer than the hotels due to less number of visitors and visitors with long stay. 250 hotels and serviced apartments in Goa are permitted to resume their services. Therefore, staying in quarantine will not be an issue.

Serviced Apartments in Goa

Another factor to visit Goa is the tourists have to pre-book their stay only in the tourism department approved accommodation centers. Tourists with booking in unapproved accommodation will not be permitted in Goa.

So, these are the simple guidelines to visit Goa again. This time, you may find Goa unlike the rest of the year - the beaches will be empty. You may miss those charming Goan people, but the empty places will have a different appeal to embrace all the visitors.

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