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A nurse’s job requires you to be on your feet for most of the time, ranging from 8 to 12 hours a day or even longer. Since a nurse is on their feet all day long, they need to have excellent pair of nurses shoes. A shoe that provides comfort and stability to support your body. By following this guide, you will find the right shoes for you.

Mesh or leather shoes

Leather shoes for nurses are an option you may consider. Shoes made of leather are easy to clean and breathable. A quick wipe down with an antibacterial cloth is all they need, and they’re good to go. While they are often a little heavier than their mesh counterparts, the right style can look a little more professional, making them a versatile option for nurses transitioning from patient care to meetings.

Alternate footwear on different days

Leather may be more breathable, but that doesn’t mean it won’t trap odours over time. And when feet spend long periods trapped in sweaty shoes, it can lead to foot odour, warts, and an athlete’s foot. Leather shoes wear down quickly if you don’t let them dry from time to time. To get the most out of your footwear and keep your feet healthy, spritz each shoe with an antiseptic cleanser to reduce germs and bacteria, and rotate pairs of shoes so that they may dry out on their off-days.

Work requirements

Most healthcare businesses have regulations, or at the very least guidelines, about the shoes that nurses and other employees should wear on the job. This can encompass anything from the shoe’s colour to its defensive features. Before you start looking for shoes for nurses, make sure you are aware of the policy and rules regarding the types of shoe applicable in your workplace.

Shoe weight

Every time you elevate your foot, you add weight to your shoe. Therefore it should be as light as possible. For instance, look for lightweight black work shoes for nurses. Shoes like these are comfortable, and they don’t get filthy quickly since they are black. Many shoes, explicitly designed for an active healthcare environment, are made from modern, high-tech materials that are both lightweight and strong.

The right fit

When choosing shoes, ensure that they are comfortable and perfectly fit your foot. If your shoes are too big or too small, all those hours of standing, walking, and jogging can quickly turn into agony. Acquiring the optimum fit is more than just getting the right size; it’s also about good design, the materials utilised in the shoe, and the manufacturing quality.

Slip resistance

In the hospital, nurses are constantly exposed to a variety of circumstances. Running errands during an emergency is a very common circumstance. For instance, there will times when you have to walk on dripped liquids. With that, look for black work shoes for nurses with anti-slip features. For these occasions, it is better if you have a solid pair of shoes that will prevent you from a fall on a smooth and slick surface.


More than just your comfort, you need to look for work shoes that are functional for your role. As a nurse, this means a dependable, light pair that allows you to move fast and freely. Moreover, you also need to consider the right size for you.

Making sure you’re wearing the correct shoe size will improve the functionality of your pair. When selecting the proper size, make sure you can wiggle your toes inside. Choose a pair that enables your feet to breathe. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose on your feet.


When it comes to nurses shoes, most people are avoiding expensive shoes. Although some businesses provide these pairs at a lower price than others, high-quality brands provide comfortable nursing footwear that will last for a long time.

The right socks

After you find the right shoes, pair them up with comfortable pair of socks. Breathable, moisture-wicking socks will help keep your feet from becoming too sweaty and can cut down on foot odour.

Wearing the right pair of nurses shoes makes a big difference in the kind of work you do. For nurses, the right shoes mean doing work comfortably, resulting in excellent results. And with that, the list of things mentioned above will undoubtedly help you find the right one.

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