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Do you even know about chakras? What is it and how it works? Don’t worry Most people don’t know about it. Do you also believe that deep down inside, You already have what it takes to live a life in peace? Also, people don’t know the use of crystals to balance chakras. It is famous thousands of years ago when people did color therapy to cure themselves of diseases. Rare people know about the energy of chakras and how to balance them or activate them and who already knows about it they use gemstones to balance their chakras. In subsequent paragraphs, you will know how gemstones help you in healing or balancing chakras and also get to know about chakras as well. 


What are chakras?

These are the energy points in the human body that are known as chakras. There are 114 chakras but only 7 chakras most important that run along to your spine. It affects our emotional and physical well being. It has a specific color, number, and place area on your spine. They need to be balanced for health & prosperity which gives you an energetic vibe and a peaceful life. To open and balance every chakra there are so many different gemstones that help you in healing. 

What are gemstones and how does it help?

Crystals or stones have qualities that help you to heal and the practice of the healing process comes from thousands of years. Due to transmission, few people know about this healing therapy. Stones are abiotic but they do possess many mystical powers. Also, there is no scientific evidence of it but there is a science-based principle behind the practice. 

Here are some crystal names which activate different chakras and heal the inner core of yours and also look beautiful to carry them. 

Amethyst Stone: It is one of the most easily collected stones, Crystal lovers making it most popular. It heals, balances, and opens the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, etheric chakras. It is a very protective stone that helps to divert negative vibes from those people who have this crystal.  Many people who want to manage and heal on their top chakras wear this stone. Also, to work on this they contact an ascended master of this stone to learn properly. Amethyst is said to help deeper thoughtful states and to activate the more nerves and senses of the mind. 

Tsavorite Garnet: It is valuable to balance and heal the heart chakra. It helps you to discover the beauty of the inner self and others. Being a heart chakra helps to recover from emotional trauma, increase prosperity, and reduce financial anxiety. Due to the finest color and the rarity, it earned a place in the world. Nowadays, It is the highest price crystal in the market.

Pink Tourmaline: It is the most powerful stone to heal the heart chakra. It opens your chakra gently, cleans it, and calms lights up your chakra. With this, you can bring up your energy from the solar plexus to the heart chakra and from the heart to the throat chakra. The reason behind the most healing stone is that it sends healing light to the affected area and removes unwanted or negative energy.  

Chrome Diopside: It triggers the third eye chakra. Also, helps in upsetting emotions and situations of life.  Related to the color, it unfolds the aspects of the spiritual mind. Dark Green Gemstone helps to heal you and resolve the problems of your life which are going on.


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