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Does listening to music affect your dopamine levels? Can music make your body release dopamine? Most people are curious about these questions and I will answer them in this wiki article.

In case you don't know what dopamine is, it is a neurotransmitter which our brain use to send and receive messages via nerve cells in the body.

This transmitter is usually released when we experience something pleasurable like playing, etc.. But the question remains, can dopamine be released when listening to music?

A study was carried out on 27 persons who were monitored on how music affects their dopamine levels. Guess what? The results turned out to be positive.

Music can release dopamine but it depends on you and the type of music you are listening to, you can get some from NaijaMp4. If you find pleasure listening to that song and can even pay just to listen to it then it is sure that some dopamine will be released.

This is because you find pleasure when listening to the song thereby triggering the dopamine release.

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