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Tyres are a very crucial part of your vehicle since they are the only ones that connect the vehicle with the road surface. However, tyre units are one of the most neglected car components when it comes to regular maintenance. They generally come in focus when it's time to get them replaced with the new ones. But often, buyers are unaware that well-maintained tyres eventually perform better, last longer improves the car's fuel economy, enhances the driving experience, and, most importantly, provides overall road safety. Let's have a look at some of the easy yet effective ways to boost the tyres' performance. 

Tyre Pressure: One of the most effective and easy ways to improve the performance of your tyres is by maintaining accurate tyre pressure. It's a common myth that over-inflation helps in achieving better vehicle handling and higher fuel efficiency. Over-inflating the car tyres can lead to faster wear and tear, which results in the reduced lifespan and performance of the tyres. On the contrary, under-inflated tyres rapidly degrade the tyres' sidewalls, which increases the risk of a tyre burst. Under-inflation also results in the lowered performance of the car and higher fuel consumption. 

Car Speed: The main component of a tyre is the rubber, which is used for construction. The temperature while the tyre is running often gets increased with high speeds. This leads to modulus or decreased rubber stiffness, adversely impacting the tyre performance and initiates tyre wear and tear. Hence, it's recommended to check on the speed, ensuring it's not always on the higher side but the average side. 

Tyres of One Brand: Always make sure that you use the tyres of a single brand at a time—different brands manufacturers their tyres with different specifications and technologies. And, mixing them will create a disablance between the 4 of them, and they will not be able to keep up with each other, making the tyres wear out quickly and severely affecting their overall performance. Choose from the most suitable options from the leading tyre manufacturing brands like - Pirelli tyres, Michelin tyres, Bridgestone Tyres Nottingham, etc. 

Wheel Alignment and Balancing: By continuously getting the wheels aligned and balanced, the wear and tear of the tyres can be minimised. Those who usually drive on harsh terrains should get the alignment and balancing service every 5000km. There are several causes of wheel misalignment, like hitting a curb or driving over a pothole, making it necessary to observe the steering behaviour. 

Rotating Tyres: Tyres should be rotated every 10,000-12,000 km or every six months. Rotating them helps in achieving even wear and optimal performance from the tyres. The front tyres tend to wear out faster than the rear ones, so it's better to check them regularly. And, if you spot the slightest wear on the tyres, instantly use spares to avoid massive damage to the vehicle and the tyres. 

No Mix & Match of Tyres: Mixing run-flats with high performance or seasonal tyres will not give you the desired results. Tyre functions optimally when all 4 of them are of the same type. However, every tyre variant is designed for different driving needs, so it's better to identify what you are looking for and find the suitable one, considering your driving style, road and weather conditions. 

Do not Overload - Overloading the vehicle can seriously damage the tyres, and the overall performance will also get hampered. Furthermore, this unnecessary stress on the tyres can lead to fatal accidents on the road. 

Road Conditions: The conditions of the road surface on which the tyres are moving naturally impacts them. So, ensure to use the tyres designed explicitly for such terrains; this will help your tyres last longer and efficiently perform. 


Remember these points to ensure improved performance of your tyres. 

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