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If the Tennis Clash hero loses the invincible script, most of the time, the game can only experience unparalleled mowing. Maybe we can put a kryptonite in the hands of the soldiers to weaken the Tennis Clash opponent's combat power. But if you do this, it's just like putting Tennis Clash mod on any superhero game. The image of "Super Tennis Clash playing" will lose its meaning if it can't show its fighting power over ordinary superheroes.

People's aesthetic always changes with the times. When they yearn for an invincible hero, Tennis Clash super hero is born, and when superheroes are more and more, anti heroism is born. The Tennis Clash game seems to be more in line with the contemporary aesthetic, defending the earth every day, saving the image of human beings is actually tired of people.

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Tennis Clash super playing hero, a krypton orphan, is gifted with supernatural power, but he is willing to be a human. What kind of spirit is it? It's just the spirit of interstellarianism! Super Tennis Clash hero has human nature, but his power is too frightening: if he is in a bad mood one day, he can kill all mankind in minutes. He is too far away from us, so he can only let us respect, but it is difficult for us to have a sense of substitution. The success of Tennis Clash game is also inseparable from an excellent script, and the difficulty of big super script is far above Tennis Clash.

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