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In rush wars weapons exercise instruction, you can see the unreal reflection light and burr of the weapon surface, but when it is released, it represents the highest level of maritime adventure weapons.

Although rush wars farming weapons is not a popular task, it does have a profound influence. Even the producers of the rush wars players admit that "black weapons" draws inspiration from the rush wars. " On the other hand, in terms of navigation, battle, trade and mystery solving, Supercell is better than the rush wars, and its friendly support for mod makes Supercell look like a little fresh company. However, just like the nature of the "fighting nation", the rush wars weapon farming has reached the point where the sword takes the lead. For example, as one of the top works, developers can feel the excessive persistence of "real" and "hard core" everywhere.

Best weapons and gems farming guide in rush wars:

Many tasks are designed to be extremely anti-human in rush war games: for example, there is a task that you have to go to the outskirts to find a ring for a woman, but the map of the outskirts is the size of a football field and surrounded by weeds. The size of the ring on the map is exactly the same as in reality - only one stamp is the size, and there is no hint in the picture. For another example, many of the main lines have forced jails. At this time, players' money, boats and companions will be forcibly cleared. If there is no archive for a long time, players often become penniless in a trance.

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