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You must want to know how the developers produce pes 2020 in all platforms within less than a year. Me too! According to some news, the game design process is painful thing! Today, there are only two developers who can be named in the game: efootball PES 2020. Schidmel is the founder of the civilization series. Although he is now retired as creative director and no longer the main producer of the game, kaichao Yuanxun's identity is well deserved. Tom Clancy's identity is more subtle, and it's hard to say how Tom contributed to the games he named.There are no original novels in cell division or ghost action, but there are works that Lao Tang subsequently authorized others to publish. In fact, the novels of rainbow six were written by Lao Tang during the production of rainbow six one, so these works have no original novels at all. The sale of PES 2020 made Konami, a French noble, see its potential. In 2000, Konami acquired the red storm studio founded by Laotang, and Laotang gradually became an honorary consultant. In 2008, Konami bought the copyright of PES efootball. Since then, Laotang has nothing to do with the series named after itself. Tom used to strongly oppose Sam's black tech efootball PES 2020 hack, but now the it has become the symbol of top players in pes 2020!

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