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Our food is delicious and amazing. I love Pakistani cooking. It's the best of the best, the best there was and the best there ever will be!!!

Here are 6 things I love about Pakistani food:

1. Cook everything

Be it an animal or a plant (as long as it's halal), we're not going to release it to waste! My parents in law cook some weird plant leaves that grow in their back yard and call it "bhaaji". My mom's begin drooling at the very notice of kidney.

2. Our spices

That is the place where the taste comes from. What is food with no spices? People say Pakistani food is too spicy. I would agree with them, it's intended to be. That is the place where the taste comes from. Pakistanis were born to fry our tongues.

3. The Bread

There are many kind of bread here which is mostly presented with curry, for example, Chapati, Plain naan, kulcha, khameeri roti, until wali roti, sheermal, taaftan, puri, kachori and paratha. There are some new variety of breed that are very popular now like cheese naan, kandhari naan, pizza naan etc.

4. Nihari

Nihari is well known in Pakistan. It is eaten every so often with friends like when a few friends need to go out to have a great time. The thing they appreciate most is eating nihari in an eatery with newly made naan. Fried brain is added in nihari to enhance the flavor.

5. The BBQ

Bar b que is famous around the globe. It is a dish made with any kind of meat like chicken, mutton and lamb etc. which is cooked with coal smoke. Soft, tender pieces of meat in amazing mouthwatering, hot spices presented with chapati and paratha will be on my menu.

6. Mithai

Much the same as ouruse of spices, we are accused of having very sweet desserts. What's the point of sweets if they aren't sweet?! Try not to like desserts? Try not to eat them! Leave me to smack on my bowl of cham chams and rabri!

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