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How does one find friends? It used to be relatively easy. You would go to school, church, or the mall and you would find new friends. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make friends in this age of social media. One can spend hours scrolling through photos of other people's lives without finding anyone that they connect with. Here are some simple ways that might help you find a friend that is perfect for you.

Understanding the problem

If you are looking to make friends in an area where you are not familiar with a lot of people, it is time to take a look at your life. Are you lost in your work? Do you need more online friendship sites in your life? If you need friendship, you need to get out and connect with new people. Or is there someone that you need to get out of your bubble? Maybe you need someone to connect with who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum from you. Explore the unknown People need to be able to open up and share their troubles, as well as the simple pleasure of small talk. You can search for groups or meetups that have mutual interests. Meetup is a site that has been around since 2005. People all over the world meet up at public places such as churches, parks, and libraries.

Make friends in real life

Although social media might help you make friends, it does not replace real-life interactions. There is something that is almost intangible about the company of people you are comfortable with. Reach out to people that you find interesting and that you would want to spend time with. Take the initiative to seek out a friendship with someone that is a little further away. Be proactive and seek out those that are like-minded Making friends in real life is hard, but when you are proactive about it, the process becomes easier. This means putting in the effort to approach people and strike up a conversation. If they seem nice, you are more likely to be accepted into their circle. Do not be afraid to ask someone to take a walk with you. Go for a drink or a cup of coffee.

Finding friends online

This is the age of technological advances. Most of us are connected to each other in the vast sea of cyberspace. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and all other social media sites have proved to be fantastic ways for connecting people. While social media might not be enough to find friends that are a perfect fit for you, it may give you a way to explore your options. Most of us have profiles on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Use these sites to find friends who share your interests and hobbies. You can search for friends in your area, or across the world. You can find potential friends on social media or online friendship sites and even bring them into your life.

Finding friends through social media

One of the best ways to meet a friend is to search for someone that has the same interests as you and find them through social media. If you're a nature lover, look for someone in the same area or a camper that loves the outdoors as you do. This might be an easier way to find someone that you can relate with, and who is not afraid to admit their passion. Surveying other people online can help you find a friend, especially if you're not interested in them. When you do this, take into consideration the following information: gender, interests, background, and location. You'll find that someone might match your preferences if the items that you search for match theirs. Volunteering is a great way to find friends.

The modern search for friends

Where to look for friends online? The key is to make friends with people who are active on the same platforms. People use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp to connect with each other. You should use these platforms to find new friends or people to talk to. Be sure to watch their posts and messages so that you can learn about them. Approach people based on their postings You might meet someone and ask if they would like to have a conversation. For example, they might say no right away, but you might have a perfect way to approach them in a different way. This is the way that you can make a friend. You can ask to have a conversation with the person and if they accept the invitation, you can talk to each other.


Now you are aware of the key things to consider when finding new friends. Make sure to do your research first so that you do not get burned by a potential friend that was totally wrong for you. Remember that friends are meant to be made for the joy of sharing and having fun with them. Don't let social media become a crutch and build a relationship with real people. Find your true friends.

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