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Massage therapy Etobicoke - MS Physio Inc is the best pain management clinic in Etobicoke offering physiotherapy & massage to clients suffering from acute/chronic pain.

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Pain Management

Pain has NO place! Book NOW and become pain free !

Our team is working tirelessly to provide clients the best possible care.

MS Physio Clinic is permitted to open under the new lockdown measure in Ontario. We follow IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) government guidance, policies and regulations to make sure our clients are safe.

MS Physio Clinic located in Mimico District. If you are driving on Royal York South Bound, then turn left on Stanley Ave, then turn right to the Station Rd.

If you are driving on a Lake Shore Blvd. West Bound turn right on to the Mimico Ave. and turn right on to the Station Rd.

Keep in mind that Stanley Ave.and Mimico Ave. are one way streets.

*Free Parking: on the street / at the rear of the house on the right.

Do NOT park on the driveway.

Entrance to the Clinic at the front door.

Some of the things we offer:

Massage Therapy

Physiotherapy Now Hiring

Chiropractics Now Hiring



BioFlex Laser Therapy


MS Physio Inc.

33 Station Rd.,

Etobicoke, ON,

M8V 2R1

Phone: 647-954-1115


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