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Cannabis seeds have been grown and collected for centuries, but in recent decades our knowledge has increased greatly in terms of the variety available and how they differ to the classic "seed to sale" type of product.

It has been noted that a seed that had a high germination rate in a hydroponic system would not perform as well in a greenhouse.

So it is worth considering how to select a seed that is going to perform best in a greenhouse.

Our knowledge of cannabis has grown exponentially in recent years as we have been able to learn about the genetics that we have, and we now have a great variety of hybrids, cultivars and other strains, which have been bred to produce extremely high yields.

Now, if you are looking to grow cannabis in a very controlled environment (i.e. a greenhouse) then you can expect a lower yield and quality compared to what you would have if you tried to grow in a regular garden.

A greenhouse has a more controlled environment, and plants grown in a greenhouse are more delicate in many ways, with many more restrictions placed on what they can and cannot do.

However, if you would like to grow in a controlled environment and with the highest quality, then you can always get cannabis seeds in a greenhouse. There are many growers who consider the cost of getting a seed, growing it, and storing it to be too high, with some of the best regular cannabis seeds being over $1. It is therefore a great idea to get the best cheap regular cannabis seeds that are reliable and effective in terms of yield and flavour.

Top 5 seeds for growing cannabis for indoor growing

There are many people who have found success in growing cannabis in a greenhouse with these top 5 cheap regular cannabis seeds. Some of these cannabis seeds will fit the criteria that you would find ideal for growing cannabis in a greenhouse – and some of them will not. So let’s take a look at these top 5 cheap regular cannabis seeds and investigate how each one of them will suit your requirement for a high-quality and reliably high yielding cannabis strain.

1 – Best cheap regular cannabis seeds

Cannabis sativa, or hemp, may be the most common type of cannabis available at the moment, but it is not the easiest plant to grow

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