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In this type of writing the author is supposed to use mainly first person as he is going to convey his/her attitude towards a specific matter. Therefore, use statements like “I believe”, “in my opinion” in order to stress the fact that you present your personal opinion.

The introduction of the self-reflective essay should not exceed ten sentences. Do not make it under five sentences as well. Start introducing your opinion in the introduction with a short synopsis.

A thesis statement is the core element of any introduction. Usually it comprises one sentence only.

In the main body, you are supposes to support your thesis with respective evidence.

A typical paper body is three or more paragraphs long. When making a plan and a draft of your self-reflective essay, you should determine what part of the matter you wish to discuss in each separate paragraph. You need to create a smooth transition from one paragraph to another and make sure it is all related to the thesis statement.

The conclusion should include a highlight of your personal experience or lessons learnt in the process. Do not repeat the ideas that you have reviewed in the body of the paper. Make all the points simple so that the reader does not get confused. You may discuss the importance of the gained knowledge for future and even discuss where you or the reader may apply it.

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