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200 hr ytt is an advanced yoga teacher training course. It explores various yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. This course covers various aspects of yoga including a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology. It also focuses on teaching methodologies. It teaches skills such as verbal cuing, alignment and physical adjustments.

Whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or are an experienced yogi, this training will help you to cultivate your own spirituality. This includes gaining an understanding of the ancient philosophical principals such as ahimsa (non-violence), karma, dharma and more.

You’ll also learn about the ethics that are associated with teaching yoga, including teacher - student relationships and community. For example, a yoga instructor should not teach a class in which their students are experiencing injuries.

Rosie is a Yoga instructor, Coach & Psychologist who combines her skills to offer the most complete approach to wellbeing. She specialises in empowering people through mindful practices to reconnect with their inner source of love and light. This is accomplished through teaching and mentoring yoga, coaching individuals and facilitating group workshops and retreats. She is a passionate advocate of the practice and the benefits it has on mind, body and soul.

Yoga Practice

It takes tremendous skills to teach a 200 hr ytt class that creates transformational experiences for students. These include verbal cuing, alignment and hands-on adjustments for classical Yoga Asana, balancing the body’s physical anatomy with its subtle energy anatomy, and designing classes that are inclusive and trauma-informed.

Yoga students also need to learn breathing techniques, kriyas or cleansing practices and meditation techniques. They will need to know about the different types of yoga, such as iyengar, restorative and vinyasa.

Lastly, they will need to be familiar with the history and philosophy of Yoga. In addition, they will need to have the ability to modify a yoga class to accommodate all levels of experience and physical abilities. This is why it’s important to look for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with a knowledgeable and experienced lead trainer. This will ensure that the trainees get the most out of the course. Moreover, it will help them develop their own teaching styles and techniques.

Teaching Methodology

A 200 hour yoga teacher training is a rigorous program. It requires a high level of commitment and will change your life in many ways. However, the rewards are well worth it. You will develop a deeper connection to the profound Indian and Buddhist teachings that yoga is rooted in. You will also become a skilled teacher and learn to teach in a way that is safe for your students.

During your yoga teacher training, you will be introduced to the various aspects of yoga including but not limited to:

Some of these areas are analytical in nature while others focus on practicing the techniques themselves. A good training should have the right balance of both. It shouldn’t have too many days off, breaks and cultural experiences because that will make the training more of a holiday than a serious yoga teacher training. Also, the training should be well paced with clear teaching objectives each day.

Teaching Experience

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a great way to get started in your yoga journey. It will teach you the basic principles of teaching yoga to people of all ages and backgrounds. You will learn how to properly guide students through the yoga postures and help them reach samadhi, a state of bliss or enlightenment.

A good YTT will also focus on the other limbs of yoga and how to integrate them into your daily life. It will teach you how to be a good leader and will also give you the knowledge you need to teach to all types of students.

Another thing to look for in a yoga teacher training is the number of teachers. It is important to have multiple trainers as this helps you to get more feedback and support. Moreover, it is recommended that the teacher training has no more than 20 participants so that everyone gets enough attention.

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